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                    • 標題: The new Corolla is listed on June 19 with a pre-sale price of 107,800!

                    Recently, FAW Toyota officially announced that its new Corolla will be officially listed in Shanghai on June 19. According to previous reports, the new car will launch 12 models, providing two engine options 1.6/1.8L, estimated price of 10.78-15.98 million.
                         In terms of appearance, the brand-new Corolla has adopted a brand new dynamic shape, and the grille part adopts two chrome-plated metal strips, which are more of a sense of quality, and the design of the bumper part is even more introverted. The rear part of the visual effect is more heavy. The sharp lines extending from the outside of the taillights further highlight its three-dimensionality.

                       Body size. The new Corolla has a length, width and height of 4620/1775/1465mm and a wheelbase of 2700mm. Compared to the old models, the new generation Corolla has increased the wheelbase by 100mm.

                         In the interior, the new Corolla uses an asymmetrical design and is also very detailed in terms of detail. In terms of configuration, the new generation of Corolla comes standard with electric heated exterior mirrors. In addition to the lowest models, the other models are equipped with electric sunroof. In addition, the high-grade models are also equipped with LCD screens, Bluetooth systems, leather seats, and leather multifunction steering wheels.

                    In terms of power, the new Corolla will provide two engines, one of which is a 1.6-liter engine with a maximum power of 122 hp and a peak torque of 154 Nm. The other is a 1.8L engine with a maximum power of 140 hp and a peak torque of 173Nm. Matched with the engine will be a manual gearbox and an S-CVT gearbox.
                         The new Corolla based on the European version of Corolla build, with Guangzhou Auto Ralink lined out, but the specific market positioning slightly different. Unlike the GAC Toyota RALink, which is different from the design style of the young fashion sports, the new Corolla's steady appearance design clearly shows its preference for home-use models.