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                    The core concept of Hangzhou Jinri’s corporate culture can be demonstrated through “Kim Rishu”. For Jinri Development, talent, technology, teamwork and products are the root and source of the company’s survival and development, and various business concepts. The management policy and enterprise spirit are the important pillars for the company's growth and growth, and are the company's core strengths. On this basis, it further forms the company’s corporate beliefs and core values, and supports the realization of the company’s strategic goals, corporate vision and corporate mission

                    Mission:Make each auto parts product trustworthy
                    Values:Creating value for customers, realizing value for employees, devoting value to society
                    Vision:Became the leader in China automotive parts integration supplier
                    Spirit:Sunshine, integrity, professionalism, innovation, responsibility, thanksgiving
                    belief:Quality creates value, service wins market, innovation leads to future